Perisher Valley

Posted: Wednesday, 24 October 2012

After a smooth, comfortable flight you arrive at the airport where your airport transfer is patiently waiting to get you to one of the luxurious hotels in Perisher Valley. You feel totally pampered and spoilt, you’re complete vacation has been arranged for you and the only thing you’ve had to do is make the difficult final decision of which of the lovely hotels in Perisher Valley you’d like to stay in. As your taxi pulls up outside of the hotel you know you clearly made the right choice. Perisher Valley is host to many accommodation options ranging from low budget to five star luxurious hotels and even exotic beach resorts.

There are lot of attractions for Perisher Valley visitors and satisfaction with regard to accommodation in Perisher Valley luxurious hotels. Perisher Valley hotel combine international service with standards with Australian hospitality. Perisher Valley is among the tourists hub in Australia that attracts overseas tourists from all over world. Budget hotels of Perisher Valley are usually found in the older sections of the city, near the railway and bus stations. The accommodation is mostly simple and varies from very basic to homely guesthouses. Most hotels offer discounts during the low season from April to September bringing down the rack rates to almost half.